The Most Complete Solution for Valet Management & Execution

GET Valet has it all with high-bar efficiency, ticket-less transactions, anti-skimming protection, digital payment solutions, claims and damage management, and more!

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The Difference is Clear

GETValet is the most affordable solution with the best benefits for all involved - vehicle owners, establishment owners, valet attendants!

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Effortless Implementation!

No Hardware Purchases, No Subscription Costs, No On-SIte Installations.

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Minimized Costs!

Digital Payment Integration, Pay As You Go - Per Car, In-App Tipping.

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Use Anywhere!

Airports, Hotels, Restaurants, And More!

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Work With Your Existing Systems. Create Multiple Drop-Points Where You Need Them.

Increase Efficiency!

Ticketless Valet, Damage Tracking, Updated Park and Request Queues.

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Owner Oversight!

GPS Clock In/Out, Ticket Skimming Protections, Ticket Validation.

Integration With Benefits

GETValet works with you - your systems, your processes, your materials. Easily incorporate the app into your business and you will have access to invaluable benefits


The most complete and cost-effective solution on the market. Full-service packages are set at only $0.10 per car!

Clock In / Out

GPS verification allows employees to clock in only to their assigned locations, once in range.

Risk Mitigation

Total risk prevention means logged damage tracking, geofenced timestamps for attendants, ticket skimming prevention, and ticket skimming prevention.


Scratched, Dented, Dinged?

Knowing what damage is present and when it occurred is important. GETValet’s simple 3-step system allows attendants to record pre-existing or recently incurred damages with minimal disruption to the valet process.

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Handling the Complexities

Easily handle heavy traffic and large locations. Our app makes it easy to create multiple drop-points at airports, office buildings, hospitals, and more.


The GET360 Admin Tool

Real-time holistic views of how many vehicles have been parked, revenue by location or hour, parking usage, average parking time by location or attendant, and more.

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